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Ubuntu Landscape – First impression

Decided to try out the Landscape service from Ubuntu, as I guess the constant MOTD spam finally caught my eye (thanks marketing folks at Ubuntu). Basically, this service is geared for shops that are interested in a central portal for supporting their Ubuntu systems, as it will graph performance, poll/display system hardware, display processes and users, software updates, scripts that can be run on multiple machines under Landscapes control, etc.

So far, it’s been quick and painless to get the service started and running on a single system, and it’s a 30-day trial, so it will give you a taste of what it’s all about. Essentially, all you need to do is a simple “apt-get update” and then a “apt-get install landscape-client”, and then configure landscape via a “landscape-config” from the command line; of course, you will need to be king of the universe, or sudo to root for these commands to be a success.

I will report back when then trial is over, but for the company that needs management and support for their systems, and has a budget for such items, this maybe a service that would be of value-add. In a month, I will report back on my overall impression of the service.

Thanks for reading, and come back in 30 days for the final review.

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