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Samsung Chromebox – Review after a week of usage

When I booted the machine for the first time, the Chromebox didn’t want to connect to my wireless or wired networks to continue with setup. Once I tried wired alone, and then rebooted, and then wireless alone, and rebooted, and nothing worked, I decided to try another access point; only at this point, when I created another access point, was it able to connect to this other wireless ap and login with my Google account. I am not sure why it didn’t want to negotiate with my network gear, as Linux, Apple IOS, Android, and Windows machine connect without incident on the first try usually. I will chalk this one up to a bug in the early version of ChromeOS that was on the unit when it shipped to me.

Once I was able to login..I noticed something didn’t seem right – ChromeOS didn’t look anything like the screenshots I saw online a few days ago? All I had was a browser really…with no icons in the bottom left, no desktop, etc. Finally located the “Update” button, and was able to update the device to the latest OS version. This is the time things started to look up for the device; it feels quick and nimble, and doesn’t seem to stutter on any tasks so far, even while going on an “exciting” install binge at the Google Chrome Store 😀

Although the Chromebox was a Mother’s Day gift, I am really starting to like the concept.  Having said that, I doubt I will be getting one for personal usage anytime soon, as I wanna make sure this one was a “good” idea after a year or so. These days, your never certain what kind of “traction” a product will have in the market, and it almost seemed like a risky idea to try out this style of computing; at the end of the day though, this machine is built around a browser that has taken a very large share of browser usage worldwide, which means that eventually sites that didn’t work on Chrome, will work. Also there are quite a few games, office add-on’s, tv and movie players, and also the ability to access stuff you have purchased with your Google Play account, like music, books, movies.

Final thought: If you need to replace an aging Windows desktop computer for a casual user, this could be your “silver bullet” – just plug in their monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and they are ready to go.

Now that the gigantic Dell desktop “tower” is a thing of the past, you can use your desk again 😀

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