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Google Alternatives – Search

Google Product Alternative: SEARCH
Difficulty: EASY
Cost: FREE

A couple of years ago, when I was writing an e-mail via Gmail, inside my Google Chrome browser listening to Youtube music, and about to perform a Google search for something, I realized I was completely sucked into the Google ecosystem. While I did enjoy the fast searches that usually seemed relevant, I noticed that my searches were becoming too personalized, and it made me wonder if my Google account had contained a list of keywords that I searched for, and how was Google using my search information? With what has been published recently in the news about the NSA snooping on innocent US citizens, it’s clear that anything you have ever searched for on Google, while logged into your Google account or not, is probably sitting on some storage arrays awaiting future processing for whatever purpose. I have no idea what this data can and will be used for, but I doubt they using the data to choose what to send you for next years birthday card 🙂

I decided to give a few search engines a try, but found that DuckDuckGo had the most relevant results and speed, and also cares about privacy.  You should also set DuckDuckGo as your default Search Engine in your web browser – I replaced Google as the default and use DuckDuckGo now instead. Last, but I am sure not least, are the Android and iPhone apps for your phone and devices.

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